Bay Topsoil Calculator

For Civil 3D 2015

This application helps to calculate the bay topsoil. It is a ClassLibrary file, no installation is required. This needs to be manually loaded up into Civil 3D using command 'NETLOAD'. If you want Civil 3D to automatically load it up, you need to set up your registry by yourself. Google "AutoCAD Automatic Dll Loading" for help, or contact me. I am happy to make a set up file for you if I have time.

Registration is required at the first use, you will be granted a 30 day trial license, so a UserName and a valid eMail address are required for activation.

Download This App

(Sorry, I removed the download link)

Bay topsoil calculation need a top soil depth, and the bay volume surface name. You can get the topsoil areas on cut/fill zones and total amount of topsoil.