AutoCAD Network License Issue (0xc0000142)

Add License Timeout System Variable for AutoCAD Slow VPN Connection

AutoCAD network license is borrowed from remote license server. If the VPN/Internet connection is slow, sometimes it is hard to get a license. Follow the following setps to fix this issue:

  1. Click Start
  2. Right-click My Computer. Click Properties
  3. Click System Protection on left
  4. In the System Properties dialog box, click the Advanced tab
  5. In the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables
  6. In the Environment Variables dialog box, under User Variables ... , click New
  7. In the New User Variable dialog box, enter FLEXLM_TIMEOUT for the name and 1000000 for the value
  8. Click OK to close each dialog box
  9. Launch the Autodesk application

If you are able to borrow a license, the value of 1000000 microseconds (1 second) is sufficient. If you still cannot borrow a license, repeat the above procedure, increasing the value in 1000000 microsecond increments until you are able to obtain a license from the license server.